Titans' Third Season Will Be Bringing Some Gotham City Flair With Familiar New Heroes and Villains

Nightwing facing off against Deathstroke.
Nightwing facing off against Deathstroke.
Screenshot: HBO Max

After closing out a rather meandering second season with a finale that left much to be desired, Titans is back and making another go at it on HBO Max—with hopes of finally finding its footing and place among the slate of DC’s other more-than-solid shows like Harley Quinn and Doom Patrol.


At this year’s DC FanDome digital event, Titans came back to make it clear that its story isn’t quite over yet. It looks like in the upcoming season, the team’s stepping things up a notch in terms of their approach to heroism. There will be new conflicts, a new location in Gotham City, and Jason Todd will be ready to burn the whole superheroic town down as Red Hood.

As teased in the panel, there will be some interesting new character appearances, including Commissioner Barbara Gordon, the counterpoint to the Titans leader Dick Grayson, who took his own ascended role as Nightwing. We’ll also see Scarecrow, aka Doctor Jonathan Crane, doing, presumably, some pretty villainous things. All in all, the season seems to be one that will heighten the show’s focus on legacy and deep veins of interpersonal conflict, as we move onto perhaps the riskiest territory these characters can go to: the stomping grounds of the Batman himself.

Titans’ third season is set to hit HBO Max, though it still doesn’t have a release date.

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Angrier Geek

I was honestly hoping the shutdown would just kill this damn thing because I love Dick Grayson and hate what’s being done with him. It’s the worst Berlanti show ever, which is saying something. And what makes it truly unbearable is there occasionally some genuinely good things in this garbage pile of a show.