TiVo HD Disappears, Making Room For _______

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TiVo's website is listing the TiVo HD—the company's core product—as completely out of stock. This isn't a retailer we're talking about here: TiVo is official out of TiVos. Is TiVo clearing the way for new models? Basically, yes.

The TiVo Premiere, which looks like a minor hardware evolution of the existing TiVo HD, was first shown to the public back in December, when TiVo accidentally sent a manual for the device with an existing box. So, at the very least, we're probably in for an announcement about the Premiere sometime soon.


Unfortunately, TiVo letting their box supply run dry doesn't tell us much of anything new. We could have safely assumed that the Premiere was imminent already, and we still don't know what—if any—software improvements TiVo will ship with it. And just because one box has been obsoleted doesn't mean that two couldn't sprout up in its place.

So, er, watch that space! [TiVo via Crunchgear]

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Tivo? People still use that, i thought that most cable companies provided a dvr.