TiVo Upgrades Its Series 3 and TiVo HD

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We wrote about this last week, but today it's official. From today, TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD customers will be able to enjoy a whole bunch of new services: Multi Room Viewing, which allows you to transfer programming between TiVo DVRs; eSATA, which gives you up to 600 hours' external storage space with compatible external drives; TiVoToGo, allowing you to transfer programs from a TiVo box to your computer; and progressive downloads, which allows you to watch TiVoCast content while it is still downloading. Full press release is below.


TiVo Delivers Anticipated Upgrades and Updates for Series 3 and TiVo HD

TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), the creator of and leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced the new availability of several exciting feature upgrades and product support for TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD customers. The news includes the availability of external storage (E-SATA) from Western Digital, the introduction of Multi-Room Viewing and TiVoToGo availability and the new feature of progressive downloads - all for Series 3 and TIVo HD subscribers. Please see below for more information on the news.

The My DVR Expander external hard drive is capable of storing up to 600 hours of standard-definition (SD) or up to 65 hours of high-definition (HD) television programming based on 500 GB of hard drive storage.
This is current the only TiVo Verified external storage device.
The My DVR Expander is compatible with both TiVo HD and TiVo Series3 DVRs.
WD's My DVR Expander external hard drive is available now in the United States from Best Buy retail stores and by ordering online from TiVo.com/store.
MSRP for the My DVR Expander drive with 500 GB is $199.99 USD.

Multi Room Viewing (MRV)
MRV allows you to transfer programming between TiVo DVRs.
It now includes support for Series3 and TiVo HD DVRs, meaning you can share shows between Series2, Series3, and TiVo HD boxes.
Only SD recordings may be sent from a Series3/TiVo HD to a Series2.

TiVo HD and Series 3 users can now enjoy TiVoToGo functionality.
TiVoToGo transfers are available to all networked TiVo DVRs. This service enhancement allows users to transfer programs from a TiVo box to a desktop or laptop PC.
Using TiVo Desktop software for Windows or Roxio Toast 8 or Popcorn 3 for Mac OS, TiVo subscribers can now transfer recordings from their Series 3 and TiVo HD boxes for playback, DVD burning, or converting to portable device formats on personal computers.

Progressive Downloads
The progressive download feature gives TiVo subscribers the ability to watch TiVoCast content while it is still downloading, including Amazon UnBox on TiVo.
When a download begins, the TiVo box checks the speed of the download, and calculates whether you can begin playback. If the download speed is going faster than playback speed, it will let users start playback immediately.
If the download is slower, it will wait until users have enough of the program "buffered" on disk to be able to play it from start to finish without hitting the end of the buffer, and then let you start playback.
This service is available for TiVo HD and Series3 subscribers.

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Multi-room viewing? Sweet! Now I have a reason to buy a bedroom Tivo HD to compliment my S3 in the living room. Then I will be able to view HD shows without having to spring for the installation and rental of 2 more cable cards.

@matthew_k: Tivo has had a 30 second skip backdoor for ages. To enable, press Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select in sequence and you will hear 3 beeps to indicate success. Once enabled the button that formerly skipped to the end of the recording (down and right of the Pause)will now skip ahead in 30 second increments (the most frequent commercial length). So, for a 3:30 commercial break you press the 30 sec skip 7 times. If you overshoot you press the 8 sec back button a few times to rewind to the start.

While not exact I can usually jump through all commercials and correct any minor overshoot in about 5 seconds or less.