TiVo Wins Emmy, Deserves It

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At the Interactive Television Emmy Awards, TiVo will be taking home the hardware for Outstanding Achievement in Enhanced Television Programming. The PVR software and hardware developer beat out all the other finalists in that category, including AOL Music on Demand, CNN Enhanced and DirecTV Interactive Sports.

"TiVo was the very first offering in the DVR space and it is great that they are still leading the way," said Brian Seth Hurst, Governor of the Television Academy's Interactive Media Peer Group. "The TiVo service is certainly impressive in both its offering and user experience and meets the standard of excellence. It's easy to see why the voters deemed it worthy of the Emmy."


The awards will be presented on Saturday, August 19. Well-deserved, TiVo. Well done.

Press Release [TiVo, via Zatz Not Funny]

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