TiVo's New Set-Top Boxes Could Arrive in Late Summer

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Riding high on its largest fourth-quarter subscriber gain in six years, TiVo has revealed plans for two new set top boxes. Summer can't come soon enough.

First is a four-stream transcoder capable of streaming content—both recorded and live—from your TiVo DVR to up to four iOS and Android mobile devices simultaneously. It's also expected to be able to wirelessly sideload content to these mobile devices for offline viewing.

The other new offering is an IP-Set Top Box (think a TiVo/Roku hybrid). It will function as a multiroom extender, similar to the existing TiVo Preview, but is expected to also offer Internet streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. There are also rumblings about it being able to receive live and recorded content from the user's TiVo Premiere. Neither a hard launch date or price point has been set for either device. [TechoftheHub via The Verge]

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I honestly expected TiVo to slowly fade away when cable and satellite companies started incorporating DVRs into their boxes. Out of curiosity, does anyone here actually have TiVo? And if so, do you like it and what do you like about it?