TO-DAY IS 11-11-1911

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We're not the first to experience 11.11.11. Hell, we didn't even experience the best 11.11.11 (that honor goes to the plague-infested, castle dwelling, sword fighting dolts of 1111 A.D.). So what did the NY Times have to say back in 1911?

Well they mostly just rattled off a lot of nonsense, in the most boring, stodgy way possible. WHERE ARE THE DOOM AND GLOOM PREDICTIONS?! WHERE ARE THE BIBLICAL REFERENCES TO THE END TIMES?! WHERE'S THE SNARKY COMMENTARY OF NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS FROM 11-11-1811?!


Is the biggest thrill people got from this rare occurrence the convenience of saving time while writing down the date? And was it really necessary to restate the fact that it was 11-11-1911 in the middle of a two paragraph story? I shudder to think what this writer imagined the year 11111 would be like. [NY Times]