From: Travis
To: The Ladies
Oh yeah, the ladies love the winky face. So, it's day two of this 3GSM where every damn company decided to see who can pee the furthest and perfectly emulate the iPhone. I'm sick of it. The cellphone industry was headed towards this technology regardless and just because Apple announced theirs a month earlier does not mean everyone is trying to copy them. Way back in the day when the Motorola StarTac was one of the first compact clamshell phone, everyone wasn't trying to make "StarTac Killers" or "StarTac Clone" they were simply moving on to a small clamshell design. So, forget about all of this cellphone nonsense and let's toss one our to the ladies.

Valentine's day is coming up, which means it is the perfect excuse to increase the amount of female-oriented content. Our resident lady expert, Charlie White began things with chocolate-bathing suggestions (NWS). Don't forget about last night when we discovered how to make your breasts bigger and better. An actual female, Susi, from Shiny Shiny, has a video review of the Prada, which I couldn't give a damn about, but Susi is cute in a sexy British accent kind of way. Other female goods included a Girl Parts Mouse Pad, Elecom Rosebud Earphone and Footloose Heels. Keep up the good work, or something. Speaking of being one with the ladies, Joel Johnson is back, but it doesn't matter if you are male or female, you are still a sucker.