To: XM & Sirius
From: Ben

Hey you two, you've put me through quite a roller coaster ride that last couple days with your whole merging deal. I've got the early signs of an ulcer now thanks to both of you.


But don't forget you're not the only thing going on these days. For instance Viacom gave YouTube another big ol' middle finger. This time by taking the content that they demanded off of YouTube and bringing it over to Joost, their known rival. That's got to hurt. And you guys think satellite radio in the car is cool? Try Xbox Live while driving on for size, I guess some people need their Uno! fix available all the time.

And if that's not enough to show you that there's more to life then satellite radio. Then check out the Fearless Porsche yacht, the first THX-certified HDTV, AMD's energy saving & killing chips, or the Globaltop heads-up display.


Now Sirius & XM take this time to realize you're just really clear radio. You're not so special that you can just combine companies all while shafting Joe Consumer. So when this merger goes through do us all a favor and make it worth our while, otherwise you'll probably end up where you were headed anyhow: Bankruptcy.