Today Definitely Isn't the Worst Day to Fly

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Everyone—ourselves included—loves to moan about how terrible Thanksgiving travel is: The crowds! The weather! The godforsaken airports! But QZ has run the numbers, and it turns out we're all a bunch of factually incorrect babies.

Based on the US Department of Transportation's 2013 data on the number of carrier operations in US airports, QZ says that the day before Thanksgiving is nowhere near the top of the list. In fact, it ranks at measly 27th place. "The day before Thanksgiving is only marginally busy—not only in aggregate, but also at a local level," says David Yanofsky. "In 2013, there wasn't one airport in the US that had its busiest day on Nov 27."

So when should we really be complaining about security lines and delays? Well, Yanofsky says the data from 2013 shows that the top busiest travel days are actually all in July (!), with July 18th taking the top spot. The closest wintery date on the list is December 20, also known as last year's Friday before Christmas, which managed to clinch the 4th place spot.


You can check out the full ranking here—but keep in mind, as you're slogging your way through the airport today, that though the misery you feel may be genuine, it could probably be worse. [QZ]

Lead image: estherpoon

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