Today's Dealzmodo: Matrox Millenium AGP Dual Head Graphics Card

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Bringing you the best bargains we can find, today we have one that beats all, in fact it would be hard to top this because they are actually paying you to take it away. It's the Matrox Millennium AGP Dual Head Graphics Card which Tiger Direct is selling for, wait for it, $-.01. Better than free? Well, not exactly, the price is $9.99, and the site says there's a $10 rebate, so actually they're paying you one cent to buy it. All you pay is shipping. Sure, this is a 16MB graphics card and it's just AGP 4x, so you're not going to be playing a lot of games with it. But if you want to drive two monitors, one at 2048x1536 and the secondary display at 1600x1200, it's hard to beat.

Following up from yesterday's Dealzmodo, the best comment was from Elvisisdead, alerting us to a Vizio 37" LCD at Costco for $999. Rumor has it that you can get the 42" for $1299 - brick and mortar only. And hey, if you can find a hotter deal on TVs, PCs—whatever you can find for cheap—post the URL in comments. No comment account? Shoot an email to and we'll hook you up.

Matrox Millenium G450 16MB AGP 4x Dual Head Video Card [Tiger Direct, via BargainJack]

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I have like 6 of these sitting in a box in my closet. They were a great card and if all you want to do is OpenOffice, etc. their dual monitor support is more than adequate. I wish Matrox would have stayed in the games market they had some really innovative silicon. They seem to be concentrating on the 2D market with a bunch of multi-monitor support devices. Devices that will take a single video card output and allow you to drive multiple monitors from it.

It basically makes the multiple monitors appear as one high resolution monitor to the computer. which is a very neat trick.