Tom Bihn Archetype Laptop Case in Cork

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We love gadgets but we hate buying bags to put them in, because most only come in boring colors and yet manage to be wildly unattractive. Tom Bihn announced a new laptop case today that seems to be neither: each Archetype costs $95, is made to order in Seattle and is initially available in one of four sizes to fit the 13" MacBook, 17" MacBook Pro, 15.4" MacBook Pro, and 12" Powerbook.

The Archetype comes in three styles, Galvanized Majilite (a durable synthetic leather made to look like galvanized steel), Snow Leopard Ultrasuede and Geniune Cork. The first two we couldn't care less about as they're kind of, well, tacky, but we do love the look of the Cork-covered Archetype, which manages to be clean and modern while still having personality.


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