Tomato U2 Multimedia Player is Not Quite Ripe

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All right all you iPod worshipers, don't start throwing tomatoes at the Tomato U20 digital media player just yet, because it actually looks pretty nice and has more features than the iPod nano. It's available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4 GB capacities, and plays back audio and video in your choice of MP3, MP4, WMV and ASF formats.


Too bad it has that tiny 2-inch 4x3 screen, but slightly makes up for that by including an FM tuner and a miniSD slot for when you inevitably run out of disk space. The as-yet-unpriced Tomato U20 looks nice, but considering the competition in this hot multimedia player market right now, we're still thinking it's a few lettuce leaves short of a full salad. You can start throwing those tomatoes now.

Product Page [Tomato Limited, via dapreview]


Aaron Stein

personally i don't see why they would make a video player with only a few gig of memory. i can see small, light mp3 players for sports/walking/jogging use. but you're not gonna watch a video then either.

but what do i know, i'm an old guy