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TomTom Confirms Its Involvement With iOS 6 Maps

Illustration for article titled TomTom Confirms Its Involvement With iOS 6 Maps

Following yesterday's announcement of Apple's new maps app in iOS 6, it came to light that at least part of the technology was powered by TomTom. Now, TomTom has confirmed its involvement.


In a short release posted on its website, TomTom explains:

"TomTom has signed a global agreement with Apple® for maps and related information. No further details of the agreement will be provided."


And, umm, that's all we're likely to hear, by the looks of things. However, that does suggest that TomTom isn't just powering the turn-by-turn navigation system, which we thought might be the case. Rather, it seems to suggest that TomTom has ponied up virtually all of the mapping content for the app—though it would be interesting to learn what the "related information" is. Regardless, someone better give them directions to the bank. [TomTom via Pocket Lint]

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ArightDoom: nèe conebone69

Well balls. Tom Tom sucks. They couldn't work with Garmin?