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Make way for the latest iteration of the Tomy Q Steer (also known in the States as Microsizer or ZipZap), and this one's called the Choro-Q, a teeny tiny toy car that can be controlled with an infrared remote. Its latest next-gen trick? Now you can even steer the little thing with your cellphone. It's just 1.5 inches (40mm) long, and although it doesn't have proportional steering, the mini-car can zip around your kitchen floor with considerable controllability.

It's not entirely clear how your cellphone controls the car, but check out the video and you'll see a guy using his cellphone in addition to the four-channel infrared remote, steering the car every which-way. Looks like tons o' fun. Bring these here to the states, Tomy.


Tomy Q Steer, the infrared Choro-Q [Akihabara News]

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