How do you upgrade a tortoise? With wheels, of course! Say hello to Tonka the tortoise.

Tonka got in a tussle with a local dog, who bit off one of her legs. Unable to walk around properly, rescuers had the idea to strap the wheels from a Tonka truck to her underside, turning her into the fastest tortoise around.

Local resident John O'Dea, 35, has now adopted Tonka and said she loved nothing better than roaming in the vegetable patch and going for ‘walks'.

Surfer John said: ‘She is doing really well and loves roaming around the vegetable garden on her shiny new wheels.

‘She has a particular fondness for tomatoes.

‘I take her for ‘walks' regularly around my neighbourhood, I think she likes the speed but I do get a few funny looks.


Man, that hare doesn't stand a chance now. [Daily Mail via Neatorama]

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