Top 10 Reasons Why Smartphones Suck

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Opinions. Everyone's got 'em and for the most part they're worthless... Which brings us to an interesting little entry by the boobs over at CrunchGear. For some reason, they're hating on smartphones, giving us the top 10 reasons why they suck. Let's see what kind of beef CrunchGear has, shall we?


10. Proprietary connectors and software: Seems the scribe (let's call him John) doesn't appreciate the fact that many smartphones require super-de-dooper special connectors in order to interface with a PC. That's a pretty valid complaint, but companies like HTC are moving toward miniUSB connectors, so things may get better sooner rather than later.

9. Important features hard to get to: This seems a little whiny, but John doesn't like how certain functions of many smartphones are hidden underneath mountains of menus. He also wants an actual mute switch: not a menu thing, not touch-sensitive, but a mechanical switch. John also prefers to travel by horse and buggy over the modern jet airliner.


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I'm not gonna sit here and rip off John's words to a "t," so accept the following hit and run highlights wherein I expose his madness.

John hates the horrible battery life, the feature creep, the overabundance of terrible software, poor phone support (that is, it sucks as a phone) and Windows Mobile 5.0. Yup, he outright hates a mobile OS. The best line here?

It's like a telephone menu system without the nice lady telling you what to do.... Press 8 to slow things down to a crawl by adding more than 50 contacts in your address book! Write once! Run everywhere!.... Windows Mobile 5.0 must die and let us be the ones to bury it.


Overall, not a bad list. It points out many of the things that smartphones need to do to in order to shape up, all while keeping a smile on its face. Not as good as our top 10 reasons why the iPod sucks, but good nonetheless.


Smartphones Now: 10 Things I Hate About Smartphones [CrunchGear]

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My treo gets better battery life than any standard cell phone I've ever owned. It has a physical mute switch. Yes it has a proprietary connector, but atleast they've kept that standard for all the newer treos. It does a lot of things I find useful that my previous phones never did. I don't have to carry around a pda. I rarely use my ipod anymore, just use ptunes, audible, and tcpmp. I don't have to use that ridiculous t9 text entry. The phone's probably smaller than some of my old nextel phones. I could go on, but this is more words than that guy deserves to have written about his article.