Top Gear Races Nissan GT-R Vs. Bullet Train In Japan

The Top Gear crew is in Japan for this week's episode and they've got another heated race for us: A Nissan GT-R R35, a gadget car by dynamic handling and Playstation inspired dashboard vs. a bullet train, running both from Japan's northern Hakui-Shi coast to Tokyo. With no surprise ol' Clarkson is driving the fiery beast while Hammond and May are left traveling Japanese public transportation. I'm not gonna spoil the race for ya though, but Jalopnik has the results for you. [Jalopnik]

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while their epic races are cute and entertaining, they are hardly educational.there are always conditions going to that bias it for the car. for example, wheras a normal person might catch a cab to where the train/boat/plane might be leaving from, they have to walk a crazy distance to other public transport.

still the rapport between those three are great to watch.