Toshiba Getting Cold Feet With HD DVD Player Launch

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Toshiba says it might wait around a while before it launches its new HD DVD players, sensing the pointlessness of having players on the market that are all dressed up with no place to go. Playing a chicken-and-egg game with content, Toshiba will probably wait for movie studios to release content on HD DVDs before it ships its two announced players, the $799 HD-XA1 and the $499 HD-A1. In a statement released by Toshiba:

"Toshiba is currently working with the studios as well as our retailers, to finalize the sale date of our players," the company said in a statement. In order to maximize the launch of HD DVD, we intend to synchronize the launch of our players with HD DVD title releases."


How long is this going to take? For a while it looked like HD DVD was going to beat Blu-ray to market, but now that Sony says it will ship Blu-ray content in May, we re wondering if HD DVD is going to squander its release-date lead.

Toshiba may delay HD-DVD's launch until April [Reuters, via Extreme Tech]

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