Toshiba Launches Qosmio G35 Laptop With Core 2 Duo and HD-DVD

Not wanting to be left out of the Intel Core 2 Duo (or Merom) fiesta that's been going on for the past day or so, Toshiba's come out with the Qosmio G35-AV660, a laptop featuring Intel's latest mobile CPU and an HD-DVD-ROM. Available now, the Qosmio G35-AV660 benefits from the increased horsepower of the Merom by offering many DVR-like features, including the ability to watch, record and pause live TV. Its 120GB hard drive is pretty decent for laptop, and 2GB of sweet DDR 2 memory keeps things running smoothly.


The HD-DVD-ROM drive will actually play HD-DVD discs (I seem to remember something about the BWU-100A having a hard time actually playing commercial Blu-ray movies) and the inclusion of an HDMI means that this Qosmio wouldn't be a bad traveling multimedia hub. Windows XP Media Center Edition powers this little choo-choo train.

You can grab the Toshiba Qosmio G45-AV660 from ToshibaDirect for $3,499.

Product Page [ToshibaDirect via BIOS]


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