Toshiba NOT Offering $100 HD DVD Player, But Someone Is

Last weekend we ran a rumor from the DVD Dossier promoting a deal for a $100 HD A2 with three free movies. It was unclear as to whether this was a trade show exclusive, or actually intended for the consumer market. Toshiba contacted us to let us know that they were not related to the deal (meaning no price drop for consumers), but said nothing to deny the letter's validity. So we did a little more legwork to find out who was actually behind the offer.


It turns out that the Home Media Expo (with no support from Toshiba) is offering this promotion to attendees as a bonus during their registration process, which we confirmed with their management. As we suspected, it's a deal for the trade show only. You can go back to your regularly scheduled too-cheap-for-HD spending habits. [dvddossier]

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