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Despite the almost total lack of support, Toshiba hasn't given up on HD-DVD yet. Blu-ray be damned, they are introducing two HD-DVD players onto the market this year: The HD-XA1 and HD-A1. They are promised for March of 2006.

Both players are backwards compatible with regular DVD, offer 720p or 1080i resolution, and lossless sound. They also use some kind of "advanced" navigation system known as iHD, but that wasn't shown in action during the press demo. The HD-XA1 will retail for $799.99 and the HD-A1
will go for $499.99.


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-High end cosmetics
-HDMI Output
-720p / 1080i output
-UP conversion for DVD
-Interactive Functions
-Internet Connectivity
-USB ports for gaming
-Built in Dolby and DTS Decoders

-Same minus some cosmetics, no frills