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Who knows why the hell they thought of this name, but Toshiba announced the REGZA H1000 LCD HDTV line, offering DVR-equipped screens in sizes of 42, 37, and 32 inches. The announcement follows the company's decision to cease production of all its old-fashioned CRT TVs and yesterday's flurry of four Toshiba LCD HDTV intros, all of which look like these REGZA models but sans DVR.

These H1000s are equipped with a 160GB hard drive for recording programs in MPEG2 transport stream format, but too bad there s just one tuner inside, so it's not possible to record two programs at once. The monitors have an HDMI input, as well as DVI, S-Video, and a digital broadcast video recording output. Pricing was not available.


Toshiba REGZA H1000 series LCD TVs with 160 GB hard drive []

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