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I love the look of tablet PCs. I'm still not sold on the entire idea of tablet PCs, but there's not much out there that holds your neighbor's attention like one of these babies. And leave it to Toshiba to add another beauty to the fold. The R15-S829 Tablet PC is pretty much the same in many ways as others in its class—it's got paper-and-pen capabilities, letting you write notes or email with digital ink as well as surf the web. And of course, the real point is to make the entire laptop into a pad-like tablet for sketching or serious not-taking. So what makes thos one a little different? It's a true, full-featured laptop built on Centrino Mobile Technology and ships with Windows XO Tablet PC edition, DVD SuperMulti double-layer optical drive, WiFi and ConfigFree software for network management. It also has an 80GB hard drive and 14.1-inch screen. And because it's Toshiba, let's hope we'll soon find an HD DVD drive on there by next year. Now that would be sweet.