Illustration for article titled Toshiba TG01 Passes Through FCC Immigration Gates, Suitcase Full of Snapdragon

Windows Mobile's Great Hardware Hope, the Snapdragon-powered Toshiba TG01, has earned the coveted blessing of the FCC, meaning that it's probably on its way to a US carrier. A CDMA carrier, evidently, so either Sprint or Verizon.


Engadget notes the the approved device is listed as a "production" unit, rather than the typical prototype fare that passes in front of weary bureaucrats' eyes, and takes that to mean that the TG01 is fairly close to launch. Maybe, but definitely not, well, definitely. It's a fair bet that it'll show up somewhere, though, so for now feel free to fantasize (maybe a strong word) about which carrier's product line will absorb this slim beauty. My take: I'd say Sprint could use a healthy WinMo phone, but Verizon needs it more. Now you go. [Engadget]


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