Toshiba to Bundle World Cup Tickets

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Ronaldinho, Lampard, Trezeguet and Ra l are but some of the names that will be on the lips of the world s soccer fans—along with pints of bubbly, intoxicating Carlsberg Beer—once the World Cup kicks off this June in Germany. Toshiba, a major sponsor of the tornament, is giving fans a chance to score some tickets for the competition, which are nearly impossible to get a hold of nowadays. The catch? Well, you do need to buy a Qosimo G30 notebook. The notebook has an Intel Core Duo processor, a 17 display and RAID hard drive configurations (120GB). Throw in a beer stein and a David Hasselhoff CD and we re all set. LEGIA! LEGIA!


Toshiba Qosmio G30 Comes with FIFA World Cup Ticket [I4U News]

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