Toshiba's Next Round of HDTVs

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Toshiba, that Japanese fireplug of a company, introduced its next generation of HDTVs today. Nine models, either available now or by August at the latest, will round out the company's product line. All DLP-based, and 720p or 1080p depending on whether or not you want to get a second mortgage for your house, the new HDTVs range in price from $1,700 for a 42-inch 720p projection TV to $4,800 for the 72-inch 1080p cinema series projection series. Of course, this latest wave of HDTVs all portend to boast exciting new features that, in all likelihood, mean nothing to those of us in the real world. They do include an ATSC/QAM tuner, useful if you live in an area where HDTV is broadcast over the airwaves, a CableCARD slot and HDMI so you can connect your $600 PS3.

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