Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Coming Exclusively to Verizon?

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While yes, the BlackBerry Bold is a pretty slick looking update to the hallowed BlackBerry line, it still sports a physical keyboard — clearly a quaint remnant of smartphones from a bygone era. What the people want these days are touchscreens, beautiful, difficult to use touchscreens. And that's just what RIM is going to deliver with the BlackBerry Thunder.

The Boy Genius has a bunch of new details on the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry, including the interesting tidbit that it'll be a lifetime exclusive on Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe. It'll have a mere four physical keys and will run on 3G EV-DO Rev. C as well as GSM HSPA for international use. No word on when this thing is going to drop, or whether or not anyone who uses a Blackberry will allow a physical QWERTY keyboard to be pried from their grip, but we'll keep you updated.


Oh, and that image above is merely a mock-up of what a touchscreen BlackBerry might look like, not an actual product rendering.

Illustration for article titled Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Coming Exclusively to Verizon?

"Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?" [Boy Genius]

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I think you're missing MY point. I said that RIM will have to go after a different demographic or convince business users that a touch screen phone has a place in business, which, according to its current customers, it doesn't.

I guess I don't understand your blathering about Apple only offering one model phone. It is true that they only offer one model, but they are not exclusively a phone company. They also have eggs in other baskets including iPods and Macs. Besides, they have only been in the phone market for less than a year.

How many devices did RIM have after the first year of their Smart Pager launching? (One). How many iPods did Apple offer one year after its launch (One). Now just look at how diverse the selection is for both companies. Give it time dude.

You talk about RIM offering all of these choices for consumers, but at this point you really don't have many. In the future, you might have the option for a touch screen BB, but right now, you basically have to decide what size your keyboard will be and how big the device will be.