Touchscreen Poker Table Antes Up to $30K

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Everyone knows that the casino with the most flash often gets the most business. So, if you are looking to take a few dollars out of your friends' paychecks on Saturday night, lure them over with the X10 Ten Player Automated Poker Table. It features 10 12.1-inch touchscreens for the players and a 27-inch LCD in the center of the table that handles community cards and chip amounts for the entire table.

The table comes pre-configured with blackjack and Texas Hold Em' and can deal up to 50 hands in an hour. It can even allow users to play both games simultaneously. In other words, it completely eliminates the need for cards, chips and a dealer for maximum gambling efficiency. Games like this are already available in many casinos, but if you want to get one for your home, you had better fine-tune your card-counting system, because it will cost you around $30,000. [Play Hard Gaming via BornRich]