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Besides being green-friendly and oh-so-trendy, the Toyota Prius is also becoming a favorite of ha><0rz everywhere. First, some brilliant master of digital prestidigitation figured out how to disable a couple of annoying noises the Prius makes with a few odd button pushing combinations on the odometer controls. Now the l33t have learned how to tap into the diagnostic port that s used to service the popular hybrid vehicle. The Prius runs what's called a Controller Area Network (CAN), and a company called Hybrid Interfaces is offering a $225 system that taps into this network and shows its data on the LCD screen on the dash. Or, you can go for the full-blown $275 Version 2 which allows you to add external video capability including a backup camera, plus a touch screen data port and the ability to add Pioneer s latest voice guidance navigation system to the mix. Note to hax0rz: next, teach the Prius to paint my house, then drive itself to work and do my job for me.

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