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Toyoto i-foot and i-unit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What was I saying about the Japanese being just like us? I don't remember—I must have been too busy staring slack-jawed at these new robots unveiled today by Toyota. I guess technically they aren't robots, but mechanized mobility suits. The one of the left is called 'i-foot,' and is designed to help the disabled to get around and to climb up stairs, while the two on the right are called 'i-unit.' If I'm not mistaken, i-unit has two modes, one that puts the rider more upright, while the other is in an inclined position that looks more suitable for high speed maneuvers. All three prototypes will be displayed at an exposition in Aichi next year.

Thank you, Toyota. I was afraid there for a while Japan had stopped being suitably weird. More pictures after the jump. (Thanks, Paul!)


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