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Tracking the Journey of Luke's Lightsaber Throughout All the Star Wars movies

It started out as Anakin’s lightsaber, of course. And then Obi-Wan held onto it before he gave it to Luke. And then new characters carried it in The Force Awakens. And then who knows where it will go. This video, expertly edited by Christopher Sherwood, tracks the journey that the lightsaber has taken in a galaxy far, far away so far and shows us all the bad its done for the dark side and the good its done and how it it got to where it is now.


Maz Kanata got some ‘splainin to do though.


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I thought that he lost his lightsaber in Empire Strikes Back when he had his hand cut off by Vader? He comes back in Return of the Jedi with a completely different lightsaber.

This has actually annoyed me since I saw it in the movie.