TrackItBack Helps You Recover Lost Gear

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If you're not a fan of carving your name, phone number, and address on the back of your RAZR like your mom did to your elementary school lunchbox, then TrackItBack may be the sticker for you. TrackItBack is basically a set of stickers for your camera, cellphone or MP3 player labelled with a confidential ID tha only you and they know. If you lose your gadget—and someone nice picks it up—the guy who finds it calls the 800 number on the back and uses the ID to get a set of instructions on how to device back to you.

Stickers cost around $12.99, and are sold in various packs and sizes depending on what you want to protect. You could, of course, print out your own stickers with your info on it. But then how would TrackItBack's employees feed their children?

Product Page [TrackItBack via Chip Chick]