Transformers Leaves Giant Metallic Footprint On World Box Office

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Surprising no-one, Michael Bay's second Transformers movie dominated the international box office this weekend, despite only opening in two countries. Have we finally met this year's Dark Knight?

To give an idea of just how successful Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen was in the UK and Japan this week, consider this: It made $1.6 million more than its closest competitor (Terminator Salvation, which is continuing to succeed internationally as much as it failed in the US) despite playing in less than 10% of the number of theaters. Early reporting gave Transformers $20 million dollars over the weekend from just 846 theaters, against Terminator's $18.4 million from 9,400 screens.


Paramount is reporting that Revenge Of The Fallen is outperforming the original Transformers movie by a staggering 71% in the UK (and 13% in Japan), upping expectations for the movie's worldwide opening - including the US - this Wednesday.

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