Transport Sleeping Pod Not for the Claustrophobic

Illustration for article titled Transport Sleeping Pod Not for the Claustrophobic

Hole up in this egg-shaped Transport fiberglass pod, and next thing you know you'll be transcending into the ethereal abyss. Or, you can save yourself $10K by just getting up too early, and that'll make you feel pretty goddamned ethereal right there.


This eye-shaped sleeping and zone-out cocoon surrounds you with blinking LEDs that pulsate to music—it's crammed with high-quality satellite speakers and a couple of huge subwoofers—taking you to a galaxy far, far away. But it just looks like it would get stuffy in there.

Find out more at the designer's annoying website, the web home of Las Vegas architect Alberto Frias.


Curl Up and Transcend [New York Times, via Born Rich]

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