Traveler 350 Adds More Trackball to Laptops

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Laptops usually come adorned with either a trackpad or a IBM-style nub for cursor navigation, but what's a guy that loves trackballs to do? Unless they want to bring a full-sized 1995 trackball mouse with him like Travis witnessed last year at CEDIA, their only option is this Traveler 350 USB trackball. It clips onto your laptop and gives you a small, laptop key-sized version of a trackball along with mouse buttons and a scroller. Although we don't enjoy the added weight, this may be slightly more usable than a trackpad or nipple nub. [Genius Europe via Gadgetizer via DVice]



Well, I am a big Marble Madness fan, so this might be nice for playing that at 30,000 feet, although I think a much larger track ball is called for.

As for it's intended purpose, this just looks like one more device to have to carry with me, and as a result I would never use it — regardless of whether it is better ergonomically than a touchpad or eraser.