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Travelers Phrasebook T-Shirt Lets Your Chest Do the Talking

Illustration for article titled Travelers Phrasebook T-Shirt Lets Your Chest Do the Talking

If you're a world traveler heading out to exotic destinations this summer, this Traveler's Phrasebook T-Shirt might be just for you. It uses the same pictograms you see on international signs across the globe, bringing world communication down to its most basic level.


Designed by Artemy Lebedev of Optimus Maximus keyboard fame, it covers the most basic of human needs, and all you have to do is point to whatever it is you're looking for and even the dopiest desk clerk will be able to help you out. Who needs some cumbersome electronic translator when a simple T-shirt will do? Available in black, red or gray for men and women, it's $28.41.

Product Page [Art.Lebedev.Studio, via Neatorama]

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Question: If you're in serious need of medical attention, would you really need to poke the hospital icon to convey this message?