Trekkie Ashes Can Only Be Stored In A Star Trek Urn

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It's not as gaudy as the Star Trek coffin or even the first Star Trek urn, but this latest urn from Eternal Image still captures the hearts (and the rest of the body's ashes) of Trekkies everywhere.

The Star Trek Urn is officially licensed and available in two models: one that says To Boldly Go and the other that says The Voyage Continues (I have to give them points for being funny about it). Each Star Trek urn has a capacity of 190 cubic inches with the body being constructed from natural minerals and the faceplate being etched from stainless steel (plus, the image of the Starship Enterprise). The cut out of the Delta symbol completes the deal.


Sorry, I'm no Trekkie (I've only seen the JJ Abrams version, so kill me) but I don't see the logic of being stored in silly pop-culture created canister (I guess you could argue being stored in a canister is already silly). I'd like to think that these exist as some sort of joke gone wrong but since this is Eternal Image's 3rd Star Trek urn/coffin product, they have to be moving units. To each his own, I guess. The urn costs 800 bucks. [Star Trek via Nerd Approved]