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Trek's Rumormongering Eats Itself

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With all the announcements of minor actors in minor roles, costume leaks and interviews with Zachary Quinto about how awesome it is to play Mr. Spock, it's understandable that you may be confused about where to go for reliable news, rumors and spoilers about JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie. Thankfully, someone has thought of building a site that posts only the most cutting edge information about cinema's latest attempt to go where no man has gone before: TrekRumors. And one of the latest rumors is seriously crucial.

Writes the reliable TrekRumors:

Despite the on-set media blackout, sources close to the Star Trek production have let slip an exciting tidbit: geek icon Kevin Smith and his frequent on-screen companion Jason Mewes will be appearing in a brief on-screen cameo as two ensigns operating under the command of Montgomery Scott. While Smith's character will maintain his trademark silence, Mewes will be heard asking Scotty "What the hell is a bairn? If it's a slutty chick, can I f**k her?"

Smith has frequently referred to the Star Wars films in his movies, so his Star Trek-related appearance is well worth noting.


Oh, alright, that may not be entirely true. And, for that matter, neither is the rumor about Klingons in the new movie being a spacefaring race of Mexicans to make their portrayal closer to that of the original TV show. Or the one about Scotty having an Irish accent this time around to shake up the franchise. In fact, none of the rumors on the site - currently posting an entirely new, entirely fictitious, item about the movie every day - have any basis in truth. But nonetheless, somewhere, JJ Abrams is thanking the internet for keeping people talking about his movie without having to do anything himself.

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