Trinity Digital Audio Workstation Makes Portable Production Easier

Hate having to bring an unnecessary amount of hardware when you want to produce your next musical opus on the go? Need more than a Boss 303 drum machine? The Trinity Audio Group may have what you're looking for with their linux-powered digital audio workstation.

Powered by a custom version of Linux named Transmission, a 500MHz processor, and 256MB of RAM the Trinity DAW comes loaded with a variety of soft synths, sequencers, and audio editing programs. The workstation has 802.11g Wi-Fi, a 40GB hard drive, and is controlled by a touchpad and two buttons. It also has an USB input for controlling the soft synths and a set of XLR (big, three-pronged connector) and TRS (big headphone connector) inputs and outputs for interfacing external gear.


Sure, you wont be running 15 pieces of equipment at once, but that's what all the software is for, right? No price or release date has been set.

[Create Digital Music]

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