Triple Tilda Swinton Happy Cyborg Dance

Lynn Herschman Leeson scored one for smart science fiction with the gorgeous, funny flick Teknolust, about a mad biologist (Tilda Swinton) and the three cyber-ladies she created from her own DNA. Unfortunately, the cyber-ladies, all played by Swinton, have to inject human sperm in order to stay alive. And to make money, they run a porn site where they pretend to be robots.

In this clip, Swinton the scientist is chatting with her creations, asking them to be just a little more robotic so that the guys visiting their Web site don't figure out that their VR dreamgirls are actually real — and out to steal their sperm. In one of this flick's many rewardingly surreal moments, her creations decide to cheer up their "mother" by showing her a dance they created that day. After seeing Swinton as the Winter Queen in Narnia, and as the ultra-serious lawyer in Michael Clayton, it's great to see her looking sexy and goofing around in this dance of the sex cyborgs.


Despite its oddness, or perhaps because of it, Teknolust manages to be sweetly romantic. One of the cyborgs eventually falls for a very strange human man, after having an even stranger sperm-extraction encounter with comedian Josh Kornbluth. And of course the mad scientist has to learn that not every experiment has a rational outcome.

Teknolust [official Web site]



I must watch this movie.