Tripp Trapp: High Chair or Torture Tool?

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We recently bought the little one a Graco high chair out of desperation. We were in Babies 'R' Us, the walls were closing in, and I told the darling wife to buy any damn high chair we saw. So we got a baby blue Graco.

Had we seen the Tripp Trapp, however, I'm sure we would have changed our minds. Apparently the Tripp Trapp doubles as a log splitter and can churn pigs and cows into a delicious hunter's sausage because if it doesn't, then somebody has some 'splaining to do. Built by Stokke—a major figure in the expensive baby gear industry—this high chair costs $199 and is made of wood and other delightful, alterna-materials so you can feel good about the environment while stuffing little Junior full of mashed olive loaf.

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