Trolling YouTube On Your TV Just Got Easier

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Last November Google announced a nifty little feature that lets you browse for YouTube videos on your Android device and then sling and control them to your Google TV TV. Pretty cool if you have a Google TV that hasn't kicked the bucket or you're even still using it.

Today Google is announcing that you'll be able to do just that with even more devices from the likes of LG, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Vizio, Western Digital, Panasonic, Sony, Bang & Olufsen and "others" some time this year. And they'll all support full 1080p HD videos, subscriptions and channels.

I guess if I actively trolled YouTube for videos this would be super useful. Huh. Maybe I will start actively trolling YouTube videos now. If you're still a little confused as to how it all works, then check out this marketing page.

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The proper English word is "trawl". You "trawl" YouTube for videos but you "troll" the comments section. Just like I did.