Tron 2 Script Review Reveals New Characters, Sillier Cyber-Metaphors

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In a new Tron 2 script review, a few more details are spilled about life inside the mainframe. Oh and if you're curious what coding will look like in modern-day computers, get ready for more light cycle action.

CC2K previewed the Tron 2 script and praises Steven Lisberger's original work for having innovated new ways of representing the "lives" of computer programs and the ways in which hacking alters the reality of the cyber-world. The review comes down on the new script for not quite following suit. Specifically, the new screenplay doesn't repesent hacking quite the same way, from the Space Paranoids nod to original creator Flynn's video game work, to speedy racing inside the mainframe programs versus Tron. In particular, they have a problem that the fake war scenario of hacking has been turned into a fake race, where in the original it was represented as fighting.

I say the rule of Tron should be: if it looks good, just do it. The race is going to look slick as hell (remember the Comic Con footage). There doesn't have to be much real reasoning as to why the computer would interpret a hack program into a physical race any more than it has to justify digitizing a human being into a computer, and then keeping them there... what do they eat? Where do they go the restroom for that matter?


But if you want to hear more on this fact, check out the article they really go into it. Me, well, I just want to know where Jeff Bridges is and if he'll have that crazy beard (I've heard mixed reviews about the beard's existence). In the new script, the Dude himself is now trapped inside the Encom's main frame, and has been for years, unbeknownst to his son (yes he has a son now in the real world). The real Flynn has been leading a light cycle resistance against evil viral forces from inside the main frame — oh, and he's not crazy or a god...nuts.

So it's into the computer we go with Sean Flynn (Flynn's son), either on purpose to find his dad or by accident (it's not explained). One inside they'll have to prevent the new evil CEO (there's another one) from infecting the world or something.


Here's the stuff that's new that I'm most excited about, these two characters:

D-Rezz and I-Beem. D-Rezz is a, " powerful deletion utility that helps out the heroes. Has the potential to be pretty cute. He growls menacingly at various bad guys while clobbering them and dies in a scene sure to distress the kiddies." I is described as a "A frazzled denizen of the cyber-world. I'm not sure what kind of app he is, but he can teleport from one place to another." Both sound like cute little additions to the sparsely built mainframe of yesteryear.


There is actual data surfing, like surfing. So that's going to be horrendous to watch, I'm sure, but funny for all of us who stopped using "surfing the web" terms years ago. A memory leak is represented as green goo, and in the real world Flynn is a cautionary urban legend, told amongst nerds, about a man who went into the computer.