Tron 2 Trailer Video Makes Pants Wet Worldwide

It's a tiny bootleg video, but I don't care. You can see that the 3D looks amazing, the new lightcycles are stunning (and move like real bikes), the world and the whole mood is Batman-like dark. And Jeff Bridges... well, he is Jeff Bridges. What can I say, he looks like a badass version of the Dude. "It's just a game!" he shouts. No, it's not. It's Tr2n. At last. Note: excuse the excitement, but I saw the original in the movie theater, and 200 times after that. With War Games, it's what got me into technology when I was a kid, and ultimately here at Giz. The only thing that has me worried is that the characters are in the computer world are fully 3D. The good news: George Lucas is not involved in this one, but rumor is that Pixar may be. [Filmstalker]


Hmmm, part of the big appeal and look of the first movie lightcycle sequence was the "massless" state of the cycle. It was fast, did 90 degree turns, and dangerous as hell.

Now it just looks like some guys on motorbikes. What happened to the deadly effect of running into the trail? Looks like the guy just gets flipped around a bit instead of being wiped out of existence.