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Tron Light Drive Video Is Hypnotizing and Way Too Short

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Light Drive time lapse—set to Tron Legacy's soundtrack—mesmerizes me to no end. Especially knowing its ingenious mechanics. Like the universe-is-collapsing Inception-inspired Universe time lapse, play this one in HD, full screen, and with blasting headphones on.

Created by brilliant jack-of-all-trades Kim Pimmel, this vortex of light was shot with a Nikon D90, which took photos "with exposures reaching up to 20 seconds in some cases." But there's more than just opening the shutter for 20 seconds. Pimmel used motion-controlled lights spinning on top of a vinyl record player.


The stepper motor that moved the lights—which "included cold cathode case lights, EL wire, lasers and more"—received its orders from an Arduino board, which was operated via Bluetooth by a computer running Processing. The latter is a rather amazing software used to create synthetic images and animations on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

The footage was edited down to match Tron Legacy's trailer music, and the results are so good that I think Daft Punk should get Kim to film their Tron soundtrack video. [Kim Pimmel, Vimeo and FlickrThanks Lalo!]