Tron Sequel Will Feature Cutting-Edge Special Effects

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  • Men in day-glo body suits could battle in a virtual world again soon. Jeff Bridges says he's eager to do a Tron sequel. For a while, Disney was talking about a remake instead, but Bridges says he expects to be pitched a sequel in the near future. And he's excited to do Tron 2, because he's heard the special effects will be as "innovative" as the original's were in its day. It could be unbearably cheesy, or it could be the next Matrix. [Collider]
  • Sydney Poitier (Death Proof) will co-star in the Knight Rider TV movie, which NBC hopes will be a pilot for a new, Transformers-esque series. The talking-car movie sounds even worse than NBC's Bionic Woman revamp: Jason Bruening will play the son of original driver of the smart-alecky car. Poitier will play a "feisty" FBI agent who dislikes Bruening's maverick character. Can we just agree never to call female characters "feisty" again please? Better yet, let's just agree not to remake any more sci-fi detritus. [SciFiWire].