True Blood Season 2 Clips Show Us The Moodier Side Of Vampires In Track Suits

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Looks like this season of True Blood is hitting right inside last season's whack-job wheelhouse . Jason found God, baby vamp Jessica continues to stamp her feet and pout, and Eric still looks like he gets dressed in the coffin.

So yeah, it was fun watching Tara's Mom get her comeuppance from Michelle Forbes as Maryann. I don't know how quickly this lady's attitude will get old, but for now it doesn't bother me. I will say that it is so good to have the broody vampire stare-down back in full effect. God, this show just falls all over itself with super intensity, but then balances it out by shoving the characters in a Wal-Mart. I'm glad you're back, my overly dramatic, poorly accented fanged friends. Now take your tops off and get to killin', it's entertainment time.

The first episode from season 2 is this Sunday on HBO.