So you spent your February 14th spewing emotional honesty and whispering sweet nothings. Great. Congrats. Now its February 15th and that shit needs to go. Watching a film like True Grit will get you back on track.

Released in late 2010, True Grit is the tale of Rooster Cogburn, a gruff, alcoholic U.S. Marshall tasked with the responsibility of capturing the man who killed 14-year-old Mattie Ross' father. Oh, did I mention it takes place in 19th century Indian Territory? And did I mention that it's directed by the Coen Brothers? The story is nice and minimal. We're not told anything more than we need to be told. Like, who cares what made Rooster the way he is? He's a badass. And frankly, getting too deep into how and why Mattie is forced to go and handle heavy familial business will only get in the way of the shooting, killing and insulting that commences over two hours. [Netflix]


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