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Last week, we reported on some strange activity taking place on Donald Trump’s Twitter account. The tweets are as unhinged and angry as ever, but since March 8th, nearly every message has come from an iPhone, and not Trump’s woefully out of date and unsecured Android device. Given his love for his Android device, this was odd, but now, we finally have some clues.

For more than a year, many observers have theorized that Trump has used an Android phone for tweets he sends himself—you know, the tweets that call of the media out as “fake news” or accuse a former president of “‘wire tapping.’” The more generic tweets—of the “watch me on Fox News” variety—are predominately tweeted from an iPhone, which some have hypothesized are controlled by Trump’s team. But after the first week of March, something changed, and Trump’s tweets—regardless of crazy level—started to come from an iPhone.


Last night, we finally got an answer of sorts: Donald Trump is, in fact, tweeting from an iPhone. At least, that’s what Dan Scavino, a senior advisor to the president and the White House’s social media director, claims.

On the surface, this looks like it could be a good thing. As we’ve explained before, Trump’s old Samsung Galaxy phone is very old and insecure, making it a hacking target, while also potentially allowing the president to violate the Presidential Records Act. It would certainly be better for national security if Trump were to only use an iPhone—and a modern one at that—that was procured and maintained by the White House IT department (you know, whoever is left). It would actually be better for national security if Trump just didn’t tweet, but that ship has sailed.


However, it should be noted that Scavino’s tweet—which he also retweeted from his White House Twitter account—doesn’t account for the two tweets Trump has sent from an Android device, both on March 25.

The last tweet @RealDonaldTrump sent from an Android device was on March 25 at 10:41 a.m:

Trump tweeting from Android

Maybe Trump is only allowed to use his Android phone on weekends. Maybe his team thought they locked the phone away, only to find Drumpf using his contraband Twitter machine with abandon. As with most things in the Trump administration, the more information we get, the less we know.

Still, one has to appreciate the irony of Trump using an iPhone. After Apple refused to comply with the FBI and Department of Justice’s requests to unlock a phone connected with the shooter in the San Bernardino attacks, Trump called for a boycott of Apple products. More recently, he has tried to pressure Apple CEO Tim Cook into building phones in the United States, even though that makes no sense.


So if Trump is indeed using an iPhone, the next question is: What color? Gold, probably.



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