Trust Me, Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 Is Actually Worth A Watch

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On July 19, Logo TV will air a marathon of ABC's short-lived sitcom Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23, including eight episodes never aired during the original run. Why should you care? Because Don't Trust The B was a funny, underrated show, despite its stupid title. It is not fair that it is gone and the wretched 2 Broke Girls persists, and we must collectively rectify that by watching it now.


Get past the annoying theme song and hackneyed "updated lady Odd Couple" premise, and the writing is sharp and a little vicious. It was surprisingly ribald and black-hearted for network TV. The cast is great: Krysten Ritter vamps hard as the gleefully amoral Chloe, who'd fit in with the sociopathic gang from It's Always Sunny. The show was an early showcase for the talents of comedian Eric Andre. Plus, there's the Beek. James Van Der Beek plays a vapid version of himself as a washed-up, James Franco-hating narcissist.

Don't wanna wait for the Logo TV marathon to see the whole thing? Netflix has all two seasons, including the unaired episodes. When ABC originally aired the show, they played so many of the episodes out of order that it was difficult to keep up with what happened week to week, so people who caught some of the series the first time around will have a better time watching it again in the right order. You can also buy the series on iTunes or Amazon.


Airing the second season out of order really screwed up the series. They did the same thing to the first season of "Happy Endings". They were both great shows, too bad they were not given enough time to mature and find an audience.